Courtney offers workshops in a wide variety of topics. If you would like to bring Courtney to your town or event, please email or call her at (323) 543-5632.

I’m With the Band

Dancing with zills (finger cymbals), is one of the most iconic images related to belly dance. Courtney will go over drills and exercises to build stamina, agility, and musicality to allow your finger cymbals to truly become another instrument in the band.

You Turn Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round

Turns are an essential part of any modern belly dance choreography, be they a simple transition or a traveling step. Courtney will teach her tips and tricks to tighter, faster and more musical turns (without getting dizzy!).

Ballerina Girl

This course will feature ballet technique geared toward the belly dancer who is looking to polish her presentation. Courtney will focus on proper alignment, footwork, posture, basic turns and carriage that will benefit any dancer looking to raise their game.

Gimme A Beat!!!

Audiences LOVE a good drum solo!! Always a crowd favorite, Courtney will teach you her latest drum solo as well as her philosophies behind drum solo choreography.

She Blinded Me With Science

If you’re starting to work on your own choreography, it’s hard to know where to begin. Courtney will teach dancers basic music theory, which will help dancers interpret the music to assign and teach steps.

West Coast Oriental

It’s always fun to try someone else’s style!! Courtney can create a new classic veil intro for your event or teach one that she has performed for use as a complete choreography or for inspiration for your own creations! Courtney’s intros usually include finger cymbals and veil.

Step By Step

Whether you’re preparing to improvise or looking for new ideas for your next choreography, Courtney will teach some of her favorite combinations and transitions! She’ll also go over her tips and tricks for creating dynamic choreography on the fly!

Work it Out

Courtney believes that solid technique is the required base for any kind of dancer – even belly dancers!! This technique workshop will include stretching and drills, drills, drills! We’ll explore isolations, layering, and other impressive elements to add to your dance!

Slow Motion

Dancers often spend a lot of time going fast – but how about going slow?! Audiences love a dynamic performance, and during this workshop, Courtney will go over how to slow down and captivate your audience!